Mad about it.

Look for some updates by the end of September!

There's a lot to be Mad about! If you want to delve down the rabbit hole with me, let's do it.  It'll be sporadic, chaotic, poetic, and humane.  The world is Mad enough, but there's always time for tea.

Slide into my Tea Room to check out my latest tastings and treats. 

Enjoy some Fungiculture with topics around travel, science, technology, gaming and more!

Surely, there are a couple of companions to make you grin if you visit the Cat House

About Me

Some folks know me as Fae, the gamer who plays way too much Magic: The Gathering.  Others, might know me through my proclivity for tea or addiction to books.  My hobbies are pretty varied, and you'll see that reflected in the information I share.  Feel free to follow me on Bluesky @faerlymad.bsky.social, watch me lose on Twitch, or hit me up on Discord (FaerlyMad).