Mind Spores

Cat Naps are Great

Except when they're stealing your chair to do it.  But gosh they're cute aren't they?  Inferno (top) and Dante (bottom) bring a lot of joy to my daily office life.  Having curtains for doors, provides them opportunties to stalk and pounce each other.  Inferno, in particular, likes to dive through the curtains with leaps.  If I can catch it on video and upload it I may have to do that.  They're ridiculous.

So to address the elephant that is on my room, I haven't posted any updates in months.  There's probably a reason for that, and maybe it's not entirely laziness, but it's mostly laziness.  I've realized that even doing monthly updates there's a lot of habits to my life.  How does one talk about tea without having so much tea to go through you cannot possibly drink it all in time? I suppose I can think of samplers in the future.  Either way, I have some pauses on tea subscriptions because I simply cannot keep collecting more until I make it through some of the backlog.  That is certainly no hardship.

There is a lot of things on the radar for 2023, so I do plan on using to to update folks a bit more.  Stay tuned for announcements.