My Recent Batch

What's the tea?

I do not have a crazy complex palate, but tea certainly makes up for what I lack. In my journey of experiencing teas, I've come to find out what those in the know already knew- tea is incredibly diverse. Yesterday, I tried a type of a tea fermentation process comprised of a Spring tea. Today we switch to Mab's court with a Winter picking of Da Hong Pao.

You'll find I drink a lot of Old Ways Tea (OWT). This came in my April tea subscription package and it is such a great tea. Winter teas in China, according to OWT, come with the phrase "half the flavor, half the price" due to it's tendency to quickly diminish in subsequent steeps. I don't mind though, I still get quite a bit from this tea, and the nuttiness is bizarre in the best ways.

Whereas the puerh yesterday was full of a raw tasting greeny soup with a bit of a hay smell, today's tea is distinctly warmer. Tea is influenced so much by the factors that go into cultivation- water, nutrients, elevation, harvesting, processing, etc. This complexity makes for a unique journey for each cup of tea. I really hope I can come across more next year.

Old Ways Tea 2021 Winter Da Hong Pao