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Appalachian Brewing Company's White Birch Beer

Applachian Brewing Company White Birch Beer

What's the tea?

I came across this gem at the local grocery.  The company is from Harrisburg, PA, a lovely area that is certainly amid the beautiful Appalachian mountains.  The flavors they carry include Birch, Root, and Ginger beers, as well as a really excellent orange cream soda.  I'm in love and while I'm probably excellerating the probable development of diabetes, what a great find.

I've reached out to their company's support to find otu about their direct-to-consumer sales.  Apparently they even have sodas by the quarter keg which would be quite neat to try.  I've known several people that enjoyed quarter kegs for beer.  I'm imagining myself with a cafe in my home office and a soda fountain on tap. 

The White Birch soda in particular has a sharp but not overly pungent tang akin to most of these old fashioned soda varieties.  If you like Barq's "bite" you'll definitely appreciate this one.