Cats are great, and mine are even better. The little guy, whom you'll see gets bigger, is Inferno. We brought him home in October of 2020, some months after Boris passed away. The older cat, also pictured in the banner up top, is Dante. I've had Dante since he was 7mos old, having gotten him in 2012.

Some of my family members are allergic to kitties, so I didn't experience life with a cat until my dad re-married. The first cat I ever knew was named Goober. He would bring me mice heads and swipe at my feet as I'd walk by, then lay on my face while I slept. I'd never been chosen by a cat before, and I was hooked.

But why are they spotted? Well, they are a breed called Bengal. Bengal cats are a cross of the Asian Leopard cat (a small tree dweller in China) and the domestic house cat. This breed has been around for quite a while with many established and reputable programs. The cats I have are F7s, meaning they are several generations removed from the wildcat parentage. This makes them a lot like a standard house cat, but with some quirks.

Like the Siamese cats, Bengals are CHATTY. Inferno is less so than Dante. They are also very intelligent, like to play with water, great hunters (like all cats), and energetic. They are social kitties, even if it's just with their owner. Inferno is much more skittish than Dante, but simultaneously very brave. He does not run and hide when strangers arrive, like Dante does. However, Dante is more confident- loud noises, movement, he will not leave your lap until you make him.

I hope you enjoy the picture slide show, check back periodically for updated cat photos.