My Recent Brew

We're back in action with this Oolong from Masters by Adagioteas. With the weather finally turning cooler I wanted to break open something new for myself. Here we have a lovely brew that promises notes of blossoms and honey. I'm not sure about the honey part but there is definitely a floral component to this that isn't lost with re-steeps of the leaves. Pictured here is probably brew number three, and I left it in there for a few minutes on this third go around. You can see the lovely color is still vibrant. Even with the astringency you can smell and taste the sweeter accents.

It's got a great mouth feel, quick brews produce almost no astringency while later steepings do but not to the detriment of this brew. It's light, refreshing, but satisfying with a cloying bit that lingers in the nose and mouth. I'm looking forward to some of the other samples I've gotten from this company, this one certainly doesn't disappoint.