My Recent Brew

Grandpa Style

I love the tea controversy over the term Grandpa style. Basically a guy with a tea blog called this method of brewing "Grandpa" style simply because it's what his grandfather used to do with tea. Easy as that, but you'll see tea gatekeepers get irritated because it's not the "true" name. What a weird concept, who cares?

But what is it?

Grandpa style is chucking some leaves in a big mug and adding hot water, letting the leaves fall to the bottom, drink it down until it starts to get too thick/bitter, then add more hot water. Rinse and repeat until the leaves stop offering up flavor. I read about one guy who even eats the leaves (because apparently you can?), and another reader commented that it's a great way to get more use out of the gaiwan leaves if you don't feel like resteeping with the smaller pot repeatedly.

I've decided to give it a try and found that some of the weaker green tea that I was meh about made for great grandpa style. It's definitely the lazy person's way to go if you want to drink it in quantity.